About Us

Our coffee shop: Your refreshing place to be!

Coffeewiththemrs is an independently owned coffee shop as well as coffee house to provide and serve only organic coffees and snack items.

Established in 2005, it is evidently located in downtown Melbourne. We are at the heart of the famous Elizabeth Street and cater to ever-changing crowd.

We are on a mission; it is our reason to flavor your life

To provide the most gratifying, heathy, and refreshing experience to anyone who comes to our shop after going through any kind of hectic daily schedule!

The ability to customize is our specialty

We bake and make what you rake in your mind. Although our menu has a variety of coffees and other beverages along with snacks on offer, we love to make something out of the box on demand.


Wish to Join Our Coffee Bar?

You can do it right away by sending your CV to us. We are ready to train you if you have the passion and patience to be a dynamic coffee maker.