Special Events

Live music evenings and nights

Just a cup of coffee and fresh croissants may not work for some to refresh themselves. They tend to look for something entertaining at the same time. For these aspirants, we aim to keep disappointment or dissatisfaction at bay. This is evident with our musical evenings and musical nights. Oh no no! They are not those normal musical times you enjoy in other cafes or restaurants.

We have introduced them with a twist. The musical evenings feature live performances with instruments but they perform slow and soft melodies that are jumbled with fast and rocking tracks. The customers decide which one should be played for more time. If majority says melodies, then melodies!

Special days dedicated to coffees and other beverages

Having a cup of genuine Italian cappuccino is gratifying. However, it is exciting to have the same by knowing everything about it at the same time, right from its birth to current popularity. What if you come to know that the ingredients of the beverage you are having is organically grown only in two nations?

Sounds interesting, right? Well, such exciting facts are brought forward to you in a few interesting ways on their dedicated days. Yes, we make our café house special by keeping days such as Cappuccino Day, Green Tea Day, Latte Day, and so on. During these days, we offer a gift or a free cup of the beverage and welcome them to small 3D shows of 10-30 minutes.