We offer you much more than just freshly brewed coffee!

Our menu also includes snacks, other drinks, and dessert that are all homemade. The desserts are prepared fresh every day. You savor a variety of sandwiches, salads, and wraps along with soups daily.

Drinks that tempt you, refresh you, and gratify you!

We adorn your coffee table with amazing drinks including beverages from around the world. All of them are handmade such that you enjoy the original flavor of that community or country in your own homeland. Our team simply is passionate about giving you this experience whenever you come.

The secret that makes this passion evident is the frequent tours of our coffee makers around the world for knowing about the best organic beans and beverages. Apart from coffees, the ingredients of all other drinks are carefully selected by them to ensure that they are at their best in terms of nutrients and flavor. Our menu, thus, covers Espresso, lattes, mochas, smoothies, hot chocolates, frappuccinos, and teas, each in more than four flavors and with a distinct mix of ingredients.

Foods that tempt you, refresh you, and gratify you!

We equally concerned about the food or snack you choose with your chosen coffee or beverage. Thus, our menu for these foods is caringly diverse. Where there are sandwiches and pastries to lure youngsters, salads, soups, and healthy wraps tend to attract the attention of all people. All foods are made using organic and healthy ingredients.

Thus, whatever you taste is healthy food apart from being delicious. We are also constantly introducing new and healthier options that are freshly prepared for you. The menu encompasses sweet and savory bakery items, muesli, salads, wraps, sandwiches, vegan chillis, yogurts, pastries, and desserts. To this list, our team is always eager to add new variations of these eatables or totally new inventions that are likely to keep you stunned.